the 80's are officially back. Make room for Shoulder Pads.
Who better to present the style other than the Queen of Pop since the 80's, Queen of immodest thoughts,brilliant in her time- Madonna.
Making a comeback with the one of a kind wardrobe which she ruled before and rules now on her album 'Hard Candy'.

Difference between the Shoulder Pads of 80's and the 21st century-The later one is bigger,better and stylishly bolder.

Designers are twisting the shoulder pads into Victorian couture-nipped waist,constructed seams,architectural shoulders.

This is sane couture.

Balenciaga embraced shoulder pads with softer fabrics.
(side note this man is ahead of his time-Spring 2008 he launched his SP version with Jennifer Connelly)
Givenchy touched the lighter side of romance with the SP concept.Subtle rounded shoulders.

Francesco Scognamiglio went to the extremes, armoring his love
for SP with die hard shoulders.

but Balmain executed SP beautifully.
Balmain brought sanity to the shoulder pad phase, extended towards the darker side of romance.

A genius collection.

The underlying definition of SP phase never phased out;
simply represents presence-

either with

angular shoulders or rounded shoulders.

Many have approached pairing SP with jeans as this is the safer option but it projects too much of Futuristic Matrix.
Leave the stringy hair on the runways,all rock star elements- leave it all behind.
Avoid tights-it's not a head to toe 80's flashback.

Legs are the main attraction therefore, should not be covered.Absolutely and only heels.Feminine shoes in delicate design.

Only other accessories allowed are curls & delicate jewelry.
Cascading curls.Tousled finger waves.Coiffed bedroom up-do.
Ethereal jewelry-bracelets or long necklaces.
Earrings are forbidden.

For a Casual outing-aspire Urban Vintage.
SP Blazer with either :
a Light Sweater tunic with a generous cowl,
a Plunging neckline knit dress,
a Babydoll flower-print dress.
SP tailored top with a Jersey solid colored circular skirt.
Shoes are to be sturdy and neutral colors
(no black nor white)
a Rustic feel to it.Lace up booties.Lace up tie high boots.
Either go with ankle length or thigh high nothing in between.

Take it to the next level

For a Night out-Approach it with a 20's essence.
SP Mini lace cocktail dress inspired by the flapper era,
idolize with a soft feathered brooch.
Borrow a heavy beaded mini-skirt from Chicago Musical and pair it with full sleeve SP blouse .
Sassy loose finger waves for hair.
Pop of color for shoes -fluorescent lime silk ballerina heels.
Minuscule clutch,perhaps by Judith Leiber.

Orgasmic love affair

Cap sleeves White hoodie Crochet mini dress.
Urban inspired Michael Kors booties.
Mocha beanie pulled over my soft airy pinup curls.
and Only the best- Balmain jetblack leather blazer.

breathe out l u s t to Balmain
we won't utter a word to Balenciaga...

Never thought SP would ever make a comeback in my wardrobe of well-balanced Attires.
Or least be welcomed back.A haunting ballad derides in my heart-
Past is lustful.Lust is irrational.
Maybe SP is short lived but definitely, a remarkable stay.This is the last time round,so I convince myself.

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