Christian Louboutin- a man whose name should bear on all women's hearts.Timeless brilliant shoe designer.Just when everything has been done in the shoe industry,the man turns it around and creates Nude Pumps.Classic beauty.
Well done Mr.Louboutin.

The Nude pumps is the new red lipstick-timeless luxury and old Hollywood glamor.

Like all red lipsticks, there are variety of red shades.
Since NP is new in the market-the awareness to match ideal nudes to appropriate skin color is minimum.
One wears a wrong red -one might look washed out or terrifying
Same rule applies to Nude pumps.
Lighter skin tones should look for pumps with minute blush.
Darker skin tones should rely on pumps with cream/gold base.

The concept of Nude pumps:
Legs are miles long when worn.
The key here is elongate.
Pair it with skin tight dark denim, with slick zipper detailing at the bottom is gorgeous or any solid color skintight pants.However,don't be brash with the choice of colors.
Make sure,these beauties are not covered-ankle length jeans is desired.
Mini's & knee length skirts/dresses are brilliant.
No fuss here-bring back Marilyn's pencil skirts, the tighter the bottom - sultrier you get.
When going short,treat these lovelies with respected fabrics-satins/silks/beautiful washes for your ensemble.
Its royal when paired with Cherry pop red, navy & simply luscious with off cream satin colors.
Greys & roses are sweet with these pumps as well.
Have fun when pairing with nude color outfits - playful geometric patterns are great to jazz up the nude line.

Orgasmic Vision?
Cocoa Burberry trench, light ash-copper silk bubble shorts,maroon lace-engraved turtleneck, oversize crocodile clutch with beach hair.Lips?
do I dare? blood red lipstick.

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