The definition of the infamous Hunter flu-one gets a hold of the flu when one is out in the rain. Hunter Wellington Boots, are the perfect cure for a gray and rainy day.

I always thought the Hunter's inspiration belonged to Mr.Paddington Bear from London with his well-known yellow wellington boots.Secretly envied this wide eyed mongrel-the joy he gets from stepping carelessly into puddles.
So it was on,the unforgettable love story with the Hunter Wellington Boots -where envy turned to lust then evolved to love and ended up to obsession.
Endless & on-growing passionate blogs and Facebook groups dedicated solely to Hunter Wellington.

Hunter created such an explosion of infatuation in the Shoe Industry.It was only time when Jimmy Choo-fabulous shoe designer- dedicated a pair of Jimmy Choo Wellington.
Slick with a touch of class-croc skin imprint all over the boot.
Perfect for the cosmopolitan.

3 women deserved recognition for bringing my style's inspiration forth to Hunter's Wellington Boots-Angelina Jolie,Ashley Olsen & my one and only sister.

Angelina appeared with Red Hunters in Mr & Mrs Smith and accomplishes the sexy bedroom look-a simple soft tailored shirt dress with tousled bedroom hair.
Ashley Olsen keeps it current with Black Hunters-leggings, an oversize luxe knit and an urbane tote bag.
My Sister, with Yellow Hunters -plays up the part of an exchange student studying literature in Wales - so poetic.She brings forth all shades of yellow-a Burberry scarf,tan thigh-length trench and tops it with beautiful textured black tights.

F.U.N is Hunter's rep.
and S.W.EE.T tags along with.
Go boldly with crayon colors-bright red, bright yellow.
Go chic with black.
Any other colors are just asking if one's profession is in the fishing industry.

If considering for beyond any colors suggested; simply Embellish.
Compliment Hunter boots with pretty crochet leg warmers,
Pair Hunter with contrasting Hunter socks.

Avoid dressing them in sloppy and super casual wear.
Length should be considered-too long of a skirt-suggests prior life in the fields.Store away the knee length A-line skirts and keep it clean with minis.

Forget the ruffles.Dress them up smart with tailored sheath dresses.Fun grown up silhouettes inspired by the 60's.Crisp tailoring.Be bold with prints.Geometric patterns.

For outerwear,a marvelous trench in complimenting colors.
Umbrellas could be subdued with patterns & colors.Must not forget Hunter has the spotlight.
Flaunt the elongation of the legs.
Skin tight jeans or Tights.
The must,must have accessories are modest color stockings.
Wool.Textured.Classy Beautiful lace work are sublime.


& the rest of the accessories is a just an ultra modern bag.
Nothing rigid or boxy.A Softly constructed leather satchel that spells c h i c.

Here's something rich-Hunter's are giving back.
Take part of this brilliant campaign when purchasing a certain Hunter,one contributes to the assigned charities:

WaterAid Black Hunters
"dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation & hygiene education to the world's poorest people."

The excitement further grows.
So in love with Hunter?It's only logical for the bride-to-be to incorporate Hunter on their special day.White Hunters for the brides to wed in the Scottish highlands or the English countryside are officially on the market.

Orgasmic obsession on my strawberry color Hunters

Dress them up with oso Holly Floral & Striped Textured tights.Chocolate light cashmere Turtleneck full-sleeved mini dress.Thrown with a deep maroon plaid knee-length cape,a gold vintage brooch.Stroll for a walk in the park with a clear umbrella.Perhaps its sun showers for forecast but it truly doesn't matter.
I am weatherproof chic.
I have Hunters.

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  1. wowwww its purely looking cool stuff i want to buy The red one On low price as SALE SHOES coz i m not rich like Others :P


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