the Fur Vest envelops into the illusion of a love child high on blow.

Hippie Mum-me. Rockstar Dad-dee.
Born into everrything.
Immune to annything.
Coming out, only for the chase of the Surrealism dream on peace. otherwise living as Untroubled,
Undisturbed, leading an Unconcerned
style that bystanders all'd kill to have.And where did this love originate from? this addiction to be wrapped into an 'effortless style'.

ahhh But is it truly effortless dressing when wearing a FV?
Lack of effort can result a FV to resemble to a yeti armor.

Rachel Zoe,
Mary-Kate Olsen
& Nicole Richie
casually airs a cool 'je ne sais quoi' manner.
the nonchalance. Adore the effortless wardrobe.

Choosing wisely
Commit to a Generous,Heavy,Voluminous shag-little less on the craftmanship and you'd be questioned for the person arranging the shags.
Go elaborate on this majestic handiwork detailing:
Colors.White leopard prints.Faux Fur feather coat.
Chenille construction.Intimate lining.Exaggerated collars.

Various beautiful shags are accessible on the market-don't compromise.
Quality is best. e v e r y t i m e.

Pre-requisites on FV etiquette

-short and sassy for the everyday
-long and lovely for the soiree
-pairing FV with light weight knits or weaves
-pairing FV with longer sleeves.Unacceptable Straps,Cap or Puff sleeves


deLight the arms with rows of modern flirtatious accessories-Opera length gloves.
p-O-p culture into the impressive stack of arm-wear; bangles,vintage bracelets & a regal watch.
Necks must hang Long pendants,necklaces,strands of chains.

Belts are to be distinct,hence not to get lost in the massive FV. Runaways FV's gets away with cinching belts.
Perhaps wear the belt, if that IS the outfit,otherwise it is a mere hassle to remove the belt & the vest only to hang in the cloakroom.

the purse?Something sturdy.
wristlets or messenger bags.
Something that does not require constant babysitting.
After all that is the secret in achieving the 'disinterestedness look'.

Dressing the part
Forget about tights.done,done&Done.
Cue in dresses or 40's style secretary blouses with fine prints (Floral,
Japanese watercolor paintings) all patterns inspired from grand-mother's chinaware.
Inherit the savvy boho vibe.Store the headbands & fringed boots wisely away in the attic.

Or head the opposite direction

Behave towards FV with the lack of awareness of the elegance it portrays.
Trucker hat.Cargo pants.Distressed jeans.Beautiful denim wash.
Disheveled hair & Enormous shades to evade the present scene.

For the latter part of the day,
Marrying an early 40's glamor evening dress & a beautiful FV defines a marriage of Timeless Modernism.

Caressing fabrics bracing your every move.
Velvet Evening gowns on bias cut.
Dipping backs, Timid sleeves, Chandelier earrings.
Gentleman on the arm ;
"2 {Men} is contemporary,1{man} is classic. "

Orgasmic Intake?
Neon Yellow strapless mini with side pockets,a hand-me-down fuchsia Leather Crystal Watch from D&B. Miu Miu Spring 2008 Patent leather tea-cup Pumps.
Custom design -a fabulous shag based on My requests (faux fur of course) : Spanish Lynx FV imprint with Delicate black spots grazing among the soft sensual Brown & white backdrop. Fitted with a massive collar to keep me immensely warm.
Solely represents Quality and nothing But-to satisfy myself.
A toast to the best shag.

Fashion is never stylish to be inconsiderate about the cost of indecent acts taken on to living creatures.
21st century has brought faux fur to enjoy the beauty of fur without the unnecessary immoral scene attached to the purchase.
Faux Fur:Just As beautiful.Just As soft.

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