The little black dress had always made a statement for some time.
Et Voila ,'The little black headband' -a worthy new opponent in court.

The Black headband automatically manipulates to the ideal image of a 'good girl'.

Daddy's princess.
So prim. So proper. So privileged.
Seems like everyday is a surreal prestigious tennis match daddy had arranged for princess's favorite pass time.

Gwen walks away with the award of best sporting it.No competition here -her contrasting platinum hair and her flawless make-up results in a brilliant match.

TBH projects an underlying tone of noble ,elegant style.
Blonds, Redheads & Soft Brunettes lavishes from this style.
For the darker hair colors - Embellish with a grand-mother's vintage brooch. And it remains classic.

Selecting your signature headband:
Individualism is principle.
Choose tasteful elements in moderation. Feathers.Lace.Rhinestones.Sequins.Brooches.Double band.Thin.Thick.Silk.Satin.Felt.Short or long tails.

"To each her own masterpiece - pirabalini"

2 occasions, TBH should be considered wearing to ; running errands or a formal night out.
Grocery shopping?check.
Painting a fabulous canvas?check.Skiing?check.Attending the Opera in a lime colored ball gown?check.
Lounging near a pool,sipping martini?check.Here, black wouldn't be the only option.

2 proper ways of sporting it -Either with bangs or without.
Flaunt a sweet fringe - headband resting on top of the bangs.
Flaunt a glowing complexion- hair pushed behind.
Do not sport a ponytail with as well.Exceptions are made when paired with razor sleek ponytail.

Expose the love affair between the headband and the natural tousled coiffure.Major volume in hair following the headband - illusion of a massive fort of hair pushing the headband forth.
Anything that diverts this attention such as extreme make up or jewelry should be avoided.
Opt for a Fresh look or the Subtle Dolled look.
otherwise,there is no other accessory necessary.
Wardrobe cannot go wrong with this marvelous adornment.
It is season-less and timeless.

Endless possibilities.

#pirabalini -Silk Satin black headband tied into a soft bow.Placed on my modest platinum bouffant.Tinted pink lips.
Sheer rose blouse topped with Gatsby inspired sweater vest.
Smart shorts.
I'm off to a tennis match with look-a-like Barbie doll.



Tuesday,January 11th

 by pirabalini featuring leather shoes



The remarkable journey of the Trench Coat; the endless affair to remember.
‘The soldiers sporting post war, the silver screen starlets enduring all Love scenes, first ladies waving amongst the crowds, supermodels strutting on runaways, modern femme fatale to the everyday aspiring Audrey Hepburns. TC was there.’ Here's History Style Icons revived:

Mr. John Emary of Aquascutum & Mr. Thomas Burberry of Burberry Prorsum, the 2 masterminds of the TC, would have been honored and humbled to witness the monumental evolution of the Trench Coat ,for Aquascutum & Burberry Prorsum will always remain the legendary expertise on the Trench Coat.

'the Trench Coat segues elegantly from war to peace.'Anon.

TC is stapled as Timeless attire but it does not mean it is resistant to change. It was assumed to be tan and to be worn 'one way'-cinched in.Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of Burberry Prorsum as of 2001, took TC & steered to mind-blowing directions. Since then all TCs has been exposed to all fantastical possibilities.

 Michael Hertz ,head of Aquascutum Womenswear Design, brought tradition and romantic elegance as Fall’s 2010 trend.Visions of Grace Kellys floated on the British runway,pairing with silver flats, madly knotted belts and floor length flute skirts.

And,Christopher Bailey,the rebellious sir shocks us with his Spring 2011 collection-the deadly shoulders & amplifying the pairings of electrifying belts.

The Art of Wearing it :
TC was never intended to replace the outfit; the sole purpose of the design is designed as an outerwear.

  • Shoulder seams should extend an inch out ; so then,the stiffened look can be prevented.
  • The upper portion should be tailored to fit,mind the excess fabric after all you are wrapped in canvas.
  • The Length's should also be adjusted to one's proportion;Lengthier TCs- below the knee,should be paired with impractical pumps.Of Course,leave any signs of summer shoes. Shorter TCs- above the knees,pair with pracical boots.
  • Belt is knotted,replaced with scarves, multiple thin belts or big boasting belts- tie it back or higher under the bust.
  • Do care for the volume of the attire being portrayed underneath. A-line trenches can afford voluminous skirts beneath and look dashing. Slimmer trenches, is best sticking to close fitting garments-pencil skirts, Jeans, snug sheaths.
  • A trench is borderline masculine,so there is no need to further prove this acknowledgement.If selecting a wardrobe for more of a convenience, do style with sensual touches.Slipping printed chiffon scarves underneath is sweet,slipping into T-straps shoes are divine.Pumps all dolled up; peep toes,kitten heels & Mary janes still creates similar results.

Orgasmic Fantasy; Burberry candy pink trench paired with the sweetest Stella M black lace jumpsuit,cocoa-copper Manolo Blahnik mary janes.Thin Hermes burgundy scarf and Alexander McQueen multicolored crytal skull clutch.I dance into a gold-cloud puff afro.

I've pulled myself together to portray as a respected lady filled on the belief of a practical romance.Darling Bailey,I won't tell anyone of your tantalizing touch,the stolen glances across the crowded rooms,season after season of fascinating my craving that I know not of- as long as I still have our affairs to remember,I will wear Burberry.



we've asked to be kept our precious selves warm during the long winter nights .behaved & received endless fashionable attires;
fuchsia snakeskin gloves, miles long Écharpes,
velvety Guzmán Hot chocolate warming our hearts, sweeping floor length Fur Coats,
& to respond to the
mounting R.S.V.Ps with customized Spectacular gowns.

-sigh- yes,yes we Have it All.

But was that fulfillment more of a need than want?
that is Not what is wanted.
what is wanted is our want to be manipulated to need.
the want to need for the senseless yearning for drama.
for temptation. for Chase of thrilling our Passions.

from This year forth
we want our needs to become wants.
we Need our wants to become needs.
Let there be BOOTS for every girl-tis' the season of legs.
Thigh risers engulfing our legs with forbidden kisses during the long cold nights.


I've fallen hard for Fall's 2009, Christian Louboutin Supra Fifre.No amount of reasoning may be discussed on the practicality & comfort-both aspects in which THB lacks.
I have cloaked myself with a fantasy of the lustfuls rendezvous with THB. and I await.

before running away from these beauts-
The modern woman may be slightly concerned of the image projecting.
Discard the classification of these thigh climbers belonging to Julia Roberts' role in Pretty Woman.
If these spell out as working girl boots ;

Tasteful. Sensual. High Maintenance.
Well, its whole new definition.
& I certainly, want to partake.

Wrap your legs with endless details.In the artful Sculpture of the heel.In the Edwardian button traits & lace up details.In the Victorian love for darker colors & fabrics.

Abandon all bright pleather-ish colors-leave these options to the cast of Kinky Boots.

THB should fit like a glove-none of the excess bunching around the knee or the ankles.A boot should have its own body.Hiking' the boots up constantly?
there are simply better things to do.

to Rise higher -how high is too high,a forgotten crucial question. 1/3 Above the thigh is ideal.
higher? these beauties are oblivious to the effect they will be rubbing you the wrong way.the entire night.

Simply irrelevant to halt or rethink the wardrobe so to spotlight on THB.

THB radiates its own sexuality and marches to its own drum.

Bring the inner sex kitten you are with a dollish charm. Soft bubble skirts. Babydoll dresses in adorable hues. Grandma's annual Christmas present-an oversized

knitted sweater- overlook her clouded miscalculation.
Its not necessarily a race of what can go higher;the hemline or THB.Longer sashaying hemlines are beautiful to dance in. Asymmetrical floating chiffon dress.Printed mini tier skirts.
Knee length trench.Playful Capes & peacoats as playdates for THB. Boastful Fur coats.Jeans painted on skin tight. Camel wool textured leggings.

Head to toe ensemble in the same color -smothers the attraction of these sensuals.
Imagine the shock of skin-tone stockings with intricate details paired with THB. Sheer black tights.Dangerously sweet.

Refrain from the menswear bureau;the shirt-dress,ties,the boyfriend's blazer -designate working girl.
And, the Pretty Woman bureau;Hot pink top, Black mini skirt, fishnet stocking,Leather trench- designate working girl's image further.
Then, on to the Sloppy Joe's Bureau;hoodies, Black Leggings- designate a working girl down on her luck.

Bring these props to each of your Ménage à Trois (you,lover & THB).Assigned in no time as the Head of the Bedroom Bureau.

Massive slouchier modern totes are left at home today.
Hands may be kept busy with a beautiful clutch from a superior craftsmanship.
Rummage through your closet down memory lane.
Saddle bag from Dior Spring 06 collection,beautiful.
Chanel's classic quilted bag, perfect.

Orgasmic shot,
Moi enveloped solely with Noir Cancan Thigh High Leather Boots from Fall's 2009 collection Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs.
Need I need or want more?absolutely not.

Warm wishes throughout the Holidays to all of you-

much love, Pirabalini

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