The little black dress had always made a statement for some time.
Et Voila ,'The little black headband' -a worthy new opponent in court.

The Black headband automatically manipulates to the ideal image of a 'good girl'.

Daddy's princess.
So prim. So proper. So privileged.
Seems like everyday is a surreal prestigious tennis match daddy had arranged for princess's favorite pass time.

Gwen walks away with the award of best sporting it.No competition here -her contrasting platinum hair and her flawless make-up results in a brilliant match.

TBH projects an underlying tone of noble ,elegant style.
Blonds, Redheads & Soft Brunettes lavishes from this style.
For the darker hair colors - Embellish with a grand-mother's vintage brooch. And it remains classic.

Selecting your signature headband:
Individualism is principle.
Choose tasteful elements in moderation. Feathers.Lace.Rhinestones.Sequins.Brooches.Double band.Thin.Thick.Silk.Satin.Felt.Short or long tails.

"To each her own masterpiece - pirabalini"

2 occasions, TBH should be considered wearing to ; running errands or a formal night out.
Grocery shopping?check.
Painting a fabulous canvas?check.Skiing?check.Attending the Opera in a lime colored ball gown?check.
Lounging near a pool,sipping martini?check.Here, black wouldn't be the only option.

2 proper ways of sporting it -Either with bangs or without.
Flaunt a sweet fringe - headband resting on top of the bangs.
Flaunt a glowing complexion- hair pushed behind.
Do not sport a ponytail with as well.Exceptions are made when paired with razor sleek ponytail.

Expose the love affair between the headband and the natural tousled coiffure.Major volume in hair following the headband - illusion of a massive fort of hair pushing the headband forth.
Anything that diverts this attention such as extreme make up or jewelry should be avoided.
Opt for a Fresh look or the Subtle Dolled look.
otherwise,there is no other accessory necessary.
Wardrobe cannot go wrong with this marvelous adornment.
It is season-less and timeless.

Endless possibilities.

#pirabalini -Silk Satin black headband tied into a soft bow.Placed on my modest platinum bouffant.Tinted pink lips.
Sheer rose blouse topped with Gatsby inspired sweater vest.
Smart shorts.
I'm off to a tennis match with look-a-like Barbie doll.

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