Victoria B is the queen for liquid leggings- then again she is mostly the fitting candidate on style.

When liquid leggings first appeared on the market-

I was taken b a c k.

Orgasmic Image on BLL-aviator glasses,espresso shearling aviator jacket, semi fitted butter full-sleeved chemise with a sweet breast pocket detailing,vintage gold cuff,strands of delicate gold necklace,massive pink cocktail ring & my favorite sky-high round toe knee-high slick boot kissed off with my pink mint lips.

o. r.g.a.s.mic.

The art of pulling it off:
The overall image of Black Liquid legging is somewhat a 'mixed disco/rocker/sci-fi' look.
Careful experimentation is required.

Variety of blacks from different fabrics is beautiful with a pop of color somewhere-anywhere- visible is ideal.
Black from head to toe for a night out is not effortless chic but certainly effortless.
and Dear God -stay Away from Oranges.

Browns,yellows & whites are the obvious choice to pair it with BLL but these colors compete too much with this fragile conception.If insisted upon- please choose these colors in their utmost demure state.

Tops should be lightweight,semi fitted.Details and loud prints at minimum.BLL is the spotlight. This trend exaggerates curves, your derriere is definitely emphasized so keep the top assets-the bosom G-rated.

Dance with the idea of shorter, tailored coat/blazer.

Grab the biggest and slouchiest bag with the softest texture- suede is ideal or a feline animal print is brilliant.
Jewelry- keep it sleek simple and at minimum.
Shoes are to be very feminine & sexy-round toe pumps or black open toe stilettos.Keep the shoes in soft neutral tones.None of the heavily accessorized shoes,we do not want to be walking as a disco/rocker/sci-fi lady.

That's the secret- a brilliant secret- we never want to be strolling down the streets as a walking signboard,categorized icon or worst a lost chameleon

Sign it off with the most unsuspecting and complime
nting twist is what I declare Brilliant.brilliant fashion.

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