Enter the war zone of a corporate world with the testosterone-filled armies on either side-a woman's chance of surviving are not slim but n.o.ne.
--- Rewind ---
Enters the war zone of a corporate world with a deadly power suit,NO mercy shall be shown to any and all opponents. Considered as an
'Invincible Sex weapon that has no mercy on bystanders'.
Never underestimate a spectacular power suit.

Defining Pantsuit: 2-4 garments are worn at a time to create a sophisticated work attire.

Always consists of Top ,Pant and a Blazer.

At times, a vest is incorporated.One wears to sharpen one's presence to others translating 'I saw.I conquered'.

There was a time when women's suits were just unworthy creations which further encouraged the stereotypes of women to stay out of the corporate scene.

Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga is personally responsible for bringing Power Sex Suits into the workplace.This man deserves a thousand followers searching for the fountain of youth

so he remains forever young and create beautiful art for eternity.

Many have failed to project such seduction with powersuits.

Then,there is the exception of the incomparable sex powerhouse, Victoria Beckham, who strides in suits that screams
Inhumane Seduction.

Dare stopping her,one would falter in her presence.

Translating menswear in woman's language = sophisticated style.
Translating Sophisticated style further= intelligent art.
This observation was never in oblivion.
Coco Chanel followed it religiously.

However,this statement should not be taken literally.Head to toe in menswear with no room to
shine femininity is dangerously straddling borderline clownish.No need to bring out the top hat or neckties .Its not a replica of a menswear
but an inspiration.

Never is skintight favored more in fashion than in the business suit category.The overall silhouette should remain structured and tailored to fit.

The 'S' curve of women should be acknowledged.
There is no exception that any of the pieces should be implicated on to poor fabrics choices.

Romance the idea of being a woman- a sensual creature.
On the same note,fabrics should reflect this statement.

Lean towards luxurious fabrics that demands TLC-like a woman would...
Lace. Cashmere.Silk.Chiffon.
Delicate detailing are extremely important-pearl buttons, satin trims, sensual lining. This brings femininity to sanity without being drunk with power.

Aim for COLORS.Black is safe.Too safe. Grasp the opportunity of being a women -society has accepted colors in woman' wardrobe. The opposite gender follows this approach,it may be frowned among his peers.

Maximum of 3 tones are ideal-anything more is too extreme for the corporate scene. Playing with dark hues outlines Silent,tasteful authority.Anything brighter richer tones demands undivided attention that one must be ready for.

Jewelry remains minimum,refreshing and of value.
Statement watch.
Statement diamond studs.
Statement ring.
Leave all other sort of whimsical jewelry away from this attire.
Shoes are to be smart kitten heels with pointy toes in either leather or croc skin.But the ultimate shoes would be oxford pumps-lace up ankle boots with the highest heels.

Go Jackie O style, match your purse to your shoes.Play with scarves and if you promise to behave fashionably-you are allowed to toy with the boys' accessories-suspenders,cuff links,the handkerchief smartly folded and tucked in your breast pocket.

Approaching the pantsuit orgasmic concept...
Voluminous mane.Au natural make up.
Black crepe trousers held with leather suspenders.
Untucked Black charmeuse knife pleated bib shirt with delicate pearl buttons.
Topped with Hermes handkerchief neatly folded in my breast pocket of my high collared cream colored racer back vest.
What do I chose to carry with my immaculate manicured hands?
a red Birkin
...I am on cloud nine...

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